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Waiting For Your ‘I Do’ Moment? (And What Will Your Ring Will Look Like?!)


That moment; you know your significant other is planning on popping the big question, in which you will graciously reply “I do”. All of the subtle hints are there, slowly dropping themselves, ever so casually. All the signs from your mate point to it, and you just know it’s coming.

Naturally, there are many topics and questions that flood your mind when you have a feeling this moment towards lifelong eternity is coming your way. Where will it happen? What will it be like? How will you feel? Will you cry tears of joy (or fear!)?

All of these questions well up inside you, with a nostalgic, yet panicking vibe that defines the true feeling of ‘mixed emotions’. While you simply won’t have any of these answers until the big moment presents itself, there is one question you may be able to answer… what will your engagement ring look like?!

While you can’t be 100% sure, you can certainly give it a solid guess… based on your hubby’s personality! Just see for yourself…

Perhaps he is the Creative Type?

If you’re mate is the type to always be on the lookout for a new way to do things, bigger ideas, always artistic in nature, you could probably describe him as a creative personality. Maybe he’s not an artist by hobby or profession, but he just has this unique eye for things beautiful and breathtaking (after all, he found you!).

If this sounds like your guy, it’s quite a fair guess to say he is going to present an ultra-unique piece of jewellery to you. He will likely avoid tradition, going for a custom made gemstone ring, with a meaningful engravement in the band. Truly an original!

Or the Traditional Romantic?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you also have the guy who loves tradition. Maybe his parents were traditional and raised him that way, or he saw too many romantic comedies over the years, but either way, he wants the perfectly groomed bride in white walking down the aisle.

Of all personality types, this may be the easiest to guess from, as he will almost certainly choose the traditional diamond ring with the gold band. After all, it’s the symbol of traditional marriage!

Is he one to Make a Statement?

We all know someone like this; the guy who has it all, in top quality, and wants to show it off! Nice car, smart clothes, the latest in tech… let’s just say, he likes things ‘flashy’. If your true love follows this description, then you are likely in for a treat.

Given he is all about making a statement, his girl (you) will need to as well! Let’s make one thing clear, the diamonds will be BIG, perhaps being even a custom engagement ring, and there will likely be more than one (maybe even ten!). It’s all about the look, and after all, isn’t that why you fancied him in the first place?!

Or the organized Perfectionist?

Then we have the guy who could put Martha Stewart to shame with his organization and solid planning skills; the Perfectionist. He likes to be in control, whether that be in regards to weekend plans, his work, or his life plans with you. You are likely one to appreciate this, as maybe you like someone who takes the lead in life!

The Perfectionist can certainly take no chances when it comes to the ring his partner in life will wear, so as to avoid any disappointments or errors, he may do as many modern couples do, and choose the ring together, with you! This may slightly eliminate the element of surprise, however you know it will be perfect!

While there is simply no exact formula for predicting such a monumental moment in your life, one can certainly take some clues here! This once-in-a-lifetime moment is something you will treasure forever, so while the suspense is surely a bit daunting, it will all be worth it when that special moment arises… because you’ve found your perfect mate!

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