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True Love Can Be a Great Bargain


If you plan on courting someone it can cost around $6,936.74 according to the Toronto based independent website, which deals with comparing financial products and much more.

How does love and courtship get so expensive? Here’s how.

  • The Movies

Around a dozen dates are spent at the movies. The movies are a great way to go out on a date but the price of it can quickly add up. First, you’ve got to get the ticket and then you will want to impress your date with buying them popcorn, candy and drinks. All of this can add up quickly. It can also get expensive fast if you see a lot of 3D movies.

  • Buying Take Out Food

Sure, it is fast and easy buying takeout food for your date.  People make the mistake of thinking that they can save money on takeout food because they are not getting the drinks and other things that they would normally get at the restaurant. However, that is not always the case. You could find yourself buying takeout food a lot more cause it’s easier and might even end up spending over the amount of what it would have cost in the restaurant throughout the week. Maybe just go to the restaurant one evening and avoid take out?

  • Coffee

Ah, yes. Coffee can be great and taste so good but the average cup of coffee can go anywhere from $5/6 and above. Often times when you get coffee you’ve just to have that dessert, right? Before you know it you could be spending over $20 on coffee and desserts with your date.

  • Flowers

Flowers can be used for many occasions. They can be used for birthdays, date anniversaries and much more. The sad part is that flowers can be expensive. Just one single rose with a vase might cost you around $20 or more, unless if you are able to get a discount locally. If you just buy 5 single roses throughout your courtship then that might add up to around $100 or more.

  • Clothes

Maybe you would like to buy your sweetheart a new outfit or clothes. Depending on where you shop this can get expensive fast. Try to avoid always buying name brand clothes and get ones that you can find on sale in order to help save some money.

  • Chocolate and Candies

Most people opt in to buy chocolates because they are just nice to give but you can end up spending around $15 or more on a very nice box of chocolates. Sometimes you could even end up spending over $100 if you buy chocolates, flowers and a balloon all at once.

  • Music

Dancing the night away to your favorite song and album with your sweetheart might sound ideal but the cost of buying music can also add up quickly. Most albums can cost anywhere between $10 and above and so if you just buy around 5 new albums then you could be spending over $50 just on music.

  • Engagement

If you decide to pop the big question then engagement can cause around $9,944.34 or more depending on what all you get. This includes the party, more dates and other expensive items which might come with the engagement.

  • The Wedding

I do, sounds great but it can cost you around $26,961.00 regardless of buying a ring at a lower end store. Ouch, right?


If you are at the receiving end of all this then that is great for you and love is for sure a bargain for you. However, the best thing to do is as a couple go over how you can save money so true love can be a bargain for both of you.

Loren is a freelance blogger who occasionally writes on finance and relationship, She recently read an article on how to get  home equity line of credit and how to calculate and check eligibilty.

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