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Tips to follow if you’re buying your engagement ring online


So, it’s the wedding season and where are you going for all your jewelry shopping? Are you going to take out time and invest your dollars and request your mom or friends to accompany you to the actual jewelry store? Or are you smart enough to consider shopping online? Well, presently as all businesses have an online version, it is credible enough to shop online instead of spending your time in visiting the brick-and-mortar stores. Wedding bands, jewelry rings, engagement rings are all available with online jewellers like Trollbeads and many other reliable sites. The best part of buying them online is that the cost can be 20% lesser than what you would have to pay otherwise.

Reports also suggest that more and more people are picking up their watches and jewelleries online. The online watch and jewelry industry has seen huge profits and grown to $10 billion, increasing by an average of 2.9% since the last 5 years. So, this clearly implies that more and more people are now taking to online shopping even with regards to their jewelry. You can find all kinds of fashion and jewelry rings here. If you too are someone who is planning to get your engagement ring online, here are some things that you need to know.

  • Ensure you can return it on time if you don’t like it

Before you select an online jewelry store, make sure you read the return policy of the store thoroughly. Judging a diamond may be tough enough, especially online and you might not feel happy with what you’ve bought. The retailer or the online company should offer free shipping and refund value. Their policy should allow you to send back the ring within a month or thirty days. Most returns and exchanges are pretty easy and you should also check whether the retailer you’re opting for offers easy return policies.

  • Look for options to get the best of both worlds

Do you wish to get a feel of the ring that you’re about to buy? If answered yes, there are some websites that allow you to make a choice of 2 items so that you can easily compare and contrast them. Although such websites are really rare, you can still search online and get hold of some of the names of the possible ones. Ocappi is a famous and well-known online jeweller that sends replicas of the rings that you’re planning to purchase.

  • Diamonds should be certified and guaranteed

If you’re purchasing a diamond ring, it should always come with the details from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. The 2 organizations analyze diamonds for their carat, clarity, color and cut. The certification grades the stone and the criteria allow you to determine the value. Hence, you should always check whether the diamonds are certified before you invest your dollars.

Hence, if you’re about to shop online for your engagement ring, take into account the above mentioned details so that you’re not deceived by your retailer.

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