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Planning A Stress Free Wedding


How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding

Most people enjoy planning their own wedding because it helps them save money and it gives them more control over the decisions being made. With this being said, it is a better idea to hire an event planner because it is less stressful because the bridge and groom will not have to think about too many things.

Hire an Event Planner

For those planning a wedding, you may already know where you want to have the wedding. For example, you may want to have it at golf club so it may be best to use one of the country club’s event planners.

Selecting an In-House Event Planner

When you hire an event planner, they will usually be responsible for booking the dates, hiring vendors, submitting your menu selections, hiring or scheduling times with a photographer, music, decorations, and flowers. You will of course be responsible for some of the main decisions, but they will take care of organizing it to match your vision.

Hiring an Outside Wedding Planner

You will not have to be attached to the hip of your event planner especially when it comes to booking your venue for the date you want. You may already have a date in mind, and an event planner will know who to talk with when it comes to booking the exact date. Your planner will especially come in handy if you and your almost husband or wife are not readily available to make appointments at potential wedding venues.

An Event Planner Will Help Handle

Menu Selection

The menu is a main aspect that you must decide on. It is important that you attend a taste testing before selecting menu and cake options. An event planner will schedule these meeting on your behalf and once that is done, helps you to select the time to serve everything on the big day.

Selecting a Photographer

Just like with booking the venue you are not required to be a part of the photographer phase of the event planning. If you wish, the planner will choose one for you. You may want to request final approval though because you want wedding pictures to come out as perfectly.

Music & Entertainment

For the music and entertainment part of the planning, your event planner will also decide on weather they are going to use companies such as OMG Entertainments to take care of the entertainment. If a dance floor is being installed, they will also ensure it is large enough for you, your bridal party, and your guests to dance on.

Table Arrangement & Seating

It is the event planner’s responsibility to figure out how to arrange the tables so that everyone is seated comfortably. They must accommodate for the number of people seated around each table and also, where to seat the bride, groom and bridal party.


Decorations are also an important factor, and they also have to decide how much is too much. You do not want to have too many decorations for your wedding or the reception.

Flower Delivery & Placement

The last thing a wedding planner would be responsible for would be the flowers. They need to order them and decide the amount to order. They also need to make sure that the flowers arrive just in time for your big day. They have to plan it out perfectly because obviously, you are going to want to have fresh flowers on the day of your wedding. A planner would also need to decide on the placement of flowers on the tables and around the reception room.

The whole point in having a wedding at a golf club with an event planner is to relieve most of the stress you would have if you were planning the wedding yourself. While the event planner does most of the work you will still have to pick out tuxedos for the groomsmen, dresses for the bridesmaids, the type of food you want to have and of course, the guest list.

Writer Sarah Smith (follow @acgolfer) offers her take on how to plan a stress free wedding.

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