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Make Sure She Says Yes With These Proposal Ideas


Once we start dating someone, there is a moment. We decide whether we want to take the relationship the next level. If the answer is yes, then it is time to plan. You have to think about the little and big details of how you are going to ask her. When is the right time? Where is the right place? Then there is the worry that she will say no. But with these ideas we can guarantee you a yes.

The Perfect Ring

Unsurprisingly, the first thing you need to think about. Where are you going to get it from? We recommend researching top jewellers. They will have a wide range of engagement rings. You can choose the perfect cut like Princess or Asscher. If you want it to be personalized, consider engraving the inside with a message.

Also, many girls love the idea of receiving a family heirloom as their engagement ring. It is a rather romantic gesture and makes them feel like they have been truly accepted by your family.

Where It All Began

If you are thinking about a place to propose consider going to a pivotal point in your relationship. This can be where you first met. Or, if you met on the London underground it can be your first kiss. Where were you when you realised you wanted to marry her. It can be anywhere pivotal to your relationship. She will love this gesture of remembrance.

Making Wishes Come True

Is your future fiance Disney obsessed? If you are unsure, there are several tells. You have watched frozen more than twice. Your house is filled with plush animals. She knows Part Of Your World off by heart and is often heard singing it in the shower. If this sounds familiar, congratulations, you are dating a Disney fanatic. We have got the perfect proposal for her. Take her to Disney world. There are two places you can propose. Either, in front of the magic castle or during the wishes fireworks display. If you ask an employee they can help you make it even more spectacular, making the proposal on stage.

Touching Heaven

We only recommend this if you know your girlfriend has no fear of heights. Are you certain? Good. It is a little known fact that every time you go up in a hot air balloon it adds one year on to your life. Many enthusiasts believe it is the closest you can get to know what heaven would feel like. The serenity of floating above the world is like a dream. Hire a private balloon and make your proposal in the air. When you come down you will be greeted with a champagne breakfast to celebrate. It will be magical.

Unique To Her

You should make the proposal unique to her. If you are proposing in a restaurant have a favourite song playing. At home? Fill the room with her favourite flowers and scents. If you are creative, consider writing a poem.

We hope you think about using at least one of these ideas. But ultimately, know that if she truly loves you she will say yes. Regardless of what you propose with or even where you are.


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