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8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day


Weddings cost an average of £20,000. Let’s be honest; that ain’t cheap. Most people haven’t got that much cash just waiting in the bank. Even if you have, it’s still a lot of money to spend on one day, on things that won’t last longer than the evening! So, how can you save some money on your wedding day? Try these 8 ideas and see how much you can save:


Don’t go OTT With Flowers


Flowers can cost a ridiculous amount of money, so try not to go OTT with them. If you can, use single flowers rather than bunches. Putting one flower on each table and only holding one as you walk up the aisle will save you a bomb. Better yet, pick them yourself.


Forget the Favours


Nobody really likes wedding favours, do they? I mean, taking sugared almonds home is a tradition, but you can break tradition if you don’t want to fork out on them. The way I see it is, if you’re not going to buy meaningful gifts, don’t bother at all.


Choose a Beautiful Venue to Save on Decorations


If you take your time to choose the most beautiful wedding venue, you can save a fortune on decorations. Wedding venues don’t come cheap, but neither do decorations. It’s up to you whether you want to pick somewhere cheap and dress it up or somewhere naturally beautiful.


Get Wed Out of Peak Season


If you get wed during peak season, you can expect to pay much more. By getting married on any day other than Saturday you automatically save money!


DIY What You Can


Where possible, DIY! You could make your own invitations and RSVP cards, decor, and even your own playlist to save on a DJ. Don’t feel pressured into buying certain things if you can do them yourself.


Cut Down the Guest List


Sounds harsh, but if you want an affordable wedding you need to cut down the guest list. Write a list of people you absolutely must have there and keep it to them. Don’t feel obliged to invite other people if they aren’t close to you. Why should you pay for their dinner?




Don’t Serve a Sit Down Meal


Serving a sit down meal can be lovely, but expensive. Serve posh party food instead. You’ll save over half of what you’d normally spend and your guests can choose what they want to eat.


Think Outside of the Cake Box


Have you ever considered forgetting the wedding cake too? You don’t actually need one – all your guests want is a nice dessert. Why not buy some wedding fairy cakes instead? That way, you can still cut one after you’ve married. Wedding cakes can be overrated!


Hopefully, this post will save you thousands of pounds on your wedding day. Why get into debt for one day? Better yet, get married just the two of you and celebrate with a meal and a few drinks afterwards. It is supposed to be about the two of you, after all!

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