When Children are Entangled in Divorce Cases

Divorce is a complicated life event and making healthy choices during a divorce proceeding can make all the difference in the world for all parties involved, especially children. In some states divorced couples must attend special parenting classes for divorcees’. This is highly recommended to ease the transition for parents and children. In some cases judges will mandate this.

For people considering a divorce, they should know that divorce is a viable option for any person who sees themselves in a dysfunctional, abusive or unhealthy relationship and who needs a final permanent remedy to its dissolution. Divorce lawyers are geared towards creating healthy legal resolutions.

The purpose of divorce is to not only relieve distressed people from these types of bad relationships but to also, break the financial, legal and material ties shared by two married partners. That is why a successful divorce lawyer is a valuable and important asset in helping to create a healthy and viable long term dissolution contract.

When Children are Involved

Those considering obtaining a divorce, should know that the ones most often adversely affected by the situation are the children involved in the divorce case. As a result, if the parents do not find ways to be as respectful to each other and those involved, it can negatively impact their child’s mental well-being. No matter how difficult it may be act civil towards one another, adults going through a divorce must understand the children are innocent bystanders. They did not choose this path and should be spared from any unnecessary antics or abuse. It is already going to be difficult enough for them to deal with their parents separating so it is important to do everything possible to make this transition easier for them.

Protecting the Children

In the case of children, the purpose of defining a divorce is that in the decree an outline is created to protect the children from the parent’s bantering as much as possible. It is also meant to financially protect them and secure overall stability on their behalf. During the negotiating process of a divorce, lawyers and judges help create safety guidelines to ensure the children’s needs are best met. The divorce decree—or contract sets the legal precedence for ensuring the child’s safety is met both in physical care and financial care. Ultimately the long-term emotional care is to be followed through by the parents of the child/children. However, if a judge feels that a child’s financial stability is threatened, there are some general guidelines that judges can follow in order to put a plan in action that will help protect them.

Hiring the Right Lawyer

Successful divorce lawyers are available in whatever you state you reside whether it be Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Philadelphia. After you seek professional assistance from a lawyer, they will handle all of the necessary legal documentation for the divorce. A divorce lawyer should be keenly aware of your particular situation and will work to protect your legal rights and provide the best resolution on available based on your specific situations. People considering divorce should be thorough and ask their potential attorney questions regarding their philosophies on divorce proceedings and how they typically handle them. Those looking to hire a divorce attorney should ensure the legal professional possesses ideologies that fit their personal needs before entering into a client-attorney relationship.

This article was written by author Sarah Smith on behalf of Reinherz & Reinherz Law Offices throughout PA and NJ.



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Seperation Suffering: Get Your Spouse Back

There are some misgivings in your husband’s behavior, but you want to get your husband back. All the irritating deeds seems minor and you just can’t let him leave you like this. After all there are so many wonderful moments that both of you have shared. What should you do to win his heart back?

Firstly, you must not let emotions come in your way. It is advisable for you calm yourself. For the next 3 to 4 days do not contact him. Carry on your life as usual. Participate in some outside activities and talk to your friends to distract yourself.  Be sure not to get involved in unhealthy activities like drinking. This time is to cool yourself down. Act as if he is outstation for a while and there is time for you to be by yourself and clear your mind and rest.

After the first few days you would be calmer.  You need to identify what is the real cause of the break up. In most cases it could be something wrong in the relationship which is not addressed e.g. loss of intimacy between you and your husband, no time for each other, money, infidelity, family discord etc.

Whose problem is it actually? Is it yours or his? As a general rule, there is no one problem, but multiple causes that led to a separation or even divorce. Also, in relationship the causes are seldom by one party. There are many causes with many effects and all these are intertwined together. Just like a domino effect, an action by you or him leads to another event, which triggers subsequent events until at the end you are at the brink of divorce or go through a divorce.

When you want to get your husband back, you need to be objective and come up with all the problems and the related causes. Also try to see how you can address these problems and make it work again.

If the problem is from you mostly, have you allow him enough time to heal before bringing up your case of reconciliation? This is especially true for cases of infidelity where the hurt is very deep. Often in such situation it is better to allow a little bit more time before bringing up the subject. In most cases he won’t want to meet up with you nor receive calls from you.

If the problem lies with him, you must have forgiven him or willing to do so to keep the marriage going. If you want to get your husband back, it depends on the very reason why he left. Has he succumbed to temptation and has another woman outside? If this is the case, don’t beg him to come back. That’s the worst thing that you can do. He will see that you are a weak person and even strengthen his belief that he has made the correct decision to leave.

If both of you are still on speaking terms, tell him that, “I need to speak to you on a very important issue, but can’t do it in person. Can we meet up next Tue?” Before your scheduled meeting, rehearse what you want to say. List the reasons that both of you should stay together.

Assuming his response is positive and he is willing to give the marriage another shot, then it is time to start implementing whatever remedial actions that you have come up with. This can be like coming back earlier from work to be with him, going for a short vacation that is long overdue etc. On the other hand, if he is adamant that he will not come back. Do not be angry, do not be upset – even if you are, don’t show it. Remain calm. You should act like a professional salesperson, even when losing the contract; he/she will still uphold their image. So put on a calm demeanor and say something like you are willing to give him some time to think about it. Maybe end with a peck at his cheek or handshake.

It is important that you remain positive after that and continue to upgrade yourself to proof that you can do it. Your husband can be curious on how you are doing and find out from mutual friends or relatives. If you show that you are enjoying life and making head ways, it may even attract them to you. You should do this for your own sake and not for your husband’s. So whatever the outcome, if you get husband back that’s fine, if not, then you have a wonderful time. The great thing is that you attract to yourself whatever energy that you emit. When you are beaming with positive energy, you attract only good things and this may include a new love that you never thought of!

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Steve is a part time blogger who occasionally contributes articles to blogs related to
physical abuse . He also works as a news editor in well known news paper compan


True Love Can Be a Great Bargain

If you plan on courting someone it can cost around $6,936.74 according to the Toronto based independent website, which deals with comparing financial products and much more.

How does love and courtship get so expensive? Here’s how.

  • The Movies

Around a dozen dates are spent at the movies. The movies are a great way to go out on a date but the price of it can quickly add up. First, you’ve got to get the ticket and then you will want to impress your date with buying them popcorn, candy and drinks. All of this can add up quickly. It can also get expensive fast if you see a lot of 3D movies.

  • Buying Take Out Food

Sure, it is fast and easy buying takeout food for your date.  People make the mistake of thinking that they can save money on takeout food because they are not getting the drinks and other things that they would normally get at the restaurant. However, that is not always the case. You could find yourself buying takeout food a lot more cause it’s easier and might even end up spending over the amount of what it would have cost in the restaurant throughout the week. Maybe just go to the restaurant one evening and avoid take out?

  • Coffee

Ah, yes. Coffee can be great and taste so good but the average cup of coffee can go anywhere from $5/6 and above. Often times when you get coffee you’ve just to have that dessert, right? Before you know it you could be spending over $20 on coffee and desserts with your date.

  • Flowers

Flowers can be used for many occasions. They can be used for birthdays, date anniversaries and much more. The sad part is that flowers can be expensive. Just one single rose with a vase might cost you around $20 or more, unless if you are able to get a discount locally. If you just buy 5 single roses throughout your courtship then that might add up to around $100 or more.

  • Clothes

Maybe you would like to buy your sweetheart a new outfit or clothes. Depending on where you shop this can get expensive fast. Try to avoid always buying name brand clothes and get ones that you can find on sale in order to help save some money.

  • Chocolate and Candies

Most people opt in to buy chocolates because they are just nice to give but you can end up spending around $15 or more on a very nice box of chocolates. Sometimes you could even end up spending over $100 if you buy chocolates, flowers and a balloon all at once.

  • Music

Dancing the night away to your favorite song and album with your sweetheart might sound ideal but the cost of buying music can also add up quickly. Most albums can cost anywhere between $10 and above and so if you just buy around 5 new albums then you could be spending over $50 just on music.

  • Engagement

If you decide to pop the big question then engagement can cause around $9,944.34 or more depending on what all you get. This includes the party, more dates and other expensive items which might come with the engagement.

  • The Wedding

I do, sounds great but it can cost you around $26,961.00 regardless of buying a ring at a lower end store. Ouch, right?


If you are at the receiving end of all this then that is great for you and love is for sure a bargain for you. However, the best thing to do is as a couple go over how you can save money so true love can be a bargain for both of you.

Loren is a freelance blogger who occasionally writes on finance and relationship, She recently read an article on how to get  home equity line of credit and how to calculate and check eligibilty.


4 Ways To Be A Better Friend

The art of a real, honest, and true friendship is something that can easily be lost in today’s world of busyness, social media, and success. Friendship is a skill that has to be worked on, modified, and practiced in order for it to be successful and healthy. Sadly this is not the way that friendship is viewed in today’s society. According to Facebook and friend is someone who pushed a button on the top of your page and occasionally looks at pictures of you. Here are a few ways to improve your friendships and help you become a better friend.

1. Go out of your way

This is one of the best ways of showing that you care about someone. When you think about your friends individually think of something you could do that would make them incredibly happy. Going out of your way for someone might look like a totally unexpected surprise or filling a specific need when they are not able to do it themselves. This act of friendship shows that you are caring and willing to put others before yourself. Going out of your way for someone will humble you and bring you back into proper perspective of what life is truly about.

2. Have real conversations

Because of social media it is no longer necessary to pick up the phone or meet a friend in person to know what’s going on in their lives. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can see almost every aspect of everyone’s lives daily. This act of friendship is one of the hardest to actually put into action but can be the most rewarding. Having a actual in person or on the phone conversation with a person creates an intimacy that can never be felt over the Internet. Sitting face to face with a friend giving them your undivided attention is the best way to show your care and devotion towards that person.

3. Be available

Being available for your friends in times of need means that you will have to sacrifice some of your own desires and wants. Being available might look like going over to their house and sitting beside them when they are sad or waking up early on a Saturday to help them move. Whatever your friends need, being available is a great way to put aside yourself and make them feel important. This doesn’t mean that every time a friend’s asks you to do something you put your entire life on hold but it does mean some sacrifice.

4. Share your life

The greatest thing you can do as a friend is share your life with others. Invite people over to your home and cook them dinner. When something good happens in your life call your friends and tell them about it. When you are struggling let your friends help you instead of shutting them out. Let your friends see every area of your life so that your friendship can be real, honest, and true.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer for Smith Monitoring, a leading expert in alarm systems. She is a friend counselor and loves hanging out with her friends at antique store and thrift shops.


How to Help Your Husband Who Wants to be Buff

First off I never recommend telling your husband he needs to hit the gym. That is the fastest way to crush his self-confidence and insult his manhood. All men have the desire to have a nice body. Sometimes the desire is hidden and as his wife it’s your job to find it and pull it out of him as gently as possible. Walking through the journey with your husband to become healthier and fit can either be exciting and encouraging or it can be a drag. Here are some tips to help you and your husband along this journey.


Ask Him What He Needs


From the very begging let your husband know that you are completely there for him in whatever he needs. Ask him the question “what do you need from me”. Maybe he needs you to start or stop buying certain foods. Maybe he needs you to be more positive about your own self-image. Maybe he needs you to be overly supportive. Whatever he needs do it because you love him and want him to achieve his goals. When your husband sees that you are selflessly supporting him he will be more willing to make these life changes for himself and you both.


Work out Together


Whether its working out at home or going to the gym doing it together will be wonderful for both you and your husband. Not only does it show your husband that you are fully supportive but it also shows that you are willing to do it with him. This will help you both to be more motivated to work out and eat better because you have each other to motivate. This will help on the early mornings when it hard to get up and go to the gym or go to the track to run. This will also help on the days that your having a hard time and cant seem to achieve the goal your striving for because you have the other there to push you. Doing it together it always better.


Over Compliment


The fastest and easiest way to raise your husbands self esteem and motivate him is to compliment him over and over and over. Make sure to compliment every small achievement. Compliment every extra pound he can lift, every pound he loses, and every new small curve of muscle. These are the things that will motivate your husband to keep going to continue to please you and him.


Reward Him


When your husband reaches a goal or fulfills his achievements reward him. These can be big or small rewards but let him know that you recognize and want to celebrate his successes with him. Surprise him by making his favorite dessert every once in a while or a short getaway at a nice hotel. When your husband sees that your not only recognizing but celebrating his success and achievements he will be more than willing to continue to better his body and life for you and your marriage.



About the author: 

Author Bio: Ally is a writer for Smith Monitoring, a company that provides the best Manor home security company and home alarm systems Houston. She is and expert at workout motivation and loves her husband.

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The Super-Quick Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

Couples who are entering into marriage with income, assets, or debt – and those who just want the extra security – are feeling more and more comfortable with the idea of prenuptial agreements. Most people have a good idea of what a prenup can do, and at least know that it is a way to protect certain assets and shield against certain debts. The reality is a little more intricate.

How Couples Use Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Couples use prenuptial agreements to protect certain personal property or assets. The majority of prenuptial agreements put an emphasis on safeguarding assets in case of divorce – this can include practically any current or future liabilities ranging from income to heirlooms, anticipated inheritances and even estate planning.

There are also reasons that an engaged couple may include “active” provisions, agreements that could very well take effect at any time during the marriage. These types of active prenuptial inclusions often involve financial obligations (such as one spouse putting the other through college), debt management plans (how to manage future credit purchase or pre-existing debt), and some couples even include future business projects the couple plans to undertake together or separately.

Common Restrictions on Prenuptial Power

Prenuptial agreements cannot do everything that a divorce agreement can do. Very rarely is a couple able to enforce restrictions or provisions regarding children, custody, birth control, childcare, childhood education, child support, visitation rights, support for or access to stepchildren, or anything that relates to the welfare of current or future children. Those are independently regulated issues and require much more intensive family law considerations – you can try, but few courts will enforce these types of provisions.

These contracts are never the “final word”. In nearly every legal setting, contracts that seem unfair will face stricter scrutiny. Many jurisdictions allow for the nullification of a prenuptial agreement if the court decides that either party withheld pertinent information, or if any provisions will unfairly favor one party over the other.

Helpful Tips and Best Practices to Consider

Make sure to begin compiling information about your assets and debts well ahead of time. Finding the ideal family law specialists (we always recommend for each individual to create the draft with the help of their own independent lawyer) will require a few interviews, and each of those interviews will benefit from concise and accurate information.

Remaining upfront about your intentions, and having the documentation to back them up, will make the attorney selection process much easier from consultation all the way to signing. Find somebody with extensive prenuptial experience in your jurisdiction. Prenup laws vary from state to state and some jurisdictions are far more restrictive than others are. If you need help navigating the complicated California marriage/divorce laws, contact Fischer Van Thiel today.

Complicated topics like inheritance and access to retirement funds may seem faraway and insignificant right now but every couple can benefit from discussing them. Knowing “the plan” from start to finish will protect your assets in the event of an early dissolution of marriage, and will protect your plans even if you enjoy the rest of your lives together. Don’t let the courts decide the fate of your assets in the event of divorce or death.

About Author

Noah Z. is an Internet Writer that has authored several e-books and published hundreds of articles on various websites and information hubs. With more than 5 years of content writing experience, he specializes in real estate, insurance and technology topics.

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Wedding Makeup Tips: How To Look Your Best On The Big Day

Once women have booked the DJ, photographer and chosen their wedding venue, the next step is to choose their wedding makeup. Getting married is one of the most memorable events in a woman’s life, so she wants to make sure that she literally puts her best face forward. Below are some tips that will help a woman get her bridal makeup plan in order:

Get Referrals for A Wedding Makeup Artist

You want to ask your friends and family about good makeup artists in your area. You may also want to consider asking your photographer about a makeup artist that he or she recommends. Furthermore, if you have recently been to a wedding and loved the way that the bride’s makeup looked, then you should find out who did the makeup. Once you have found the makeup artist, you should take a look at the artist’s portfolio.

Be Prepared

Before you book an appointment with a makeup artist, you will need to find out how many people in your wedding will need makeup applied. You will also need to find out the time that you will need to be ready and where you will need to meet the makeup artist. Additionally, if you plan on having false eyelashes applied, then you want to make sure that you ask if there is an additional charge for that.

It is important to note that the price of a makeup artist can vary. The typical cost ranges from $60 to $120 per person. The bride is usually charged more.

Book A Trial

You want to get a preview of the makeup artist’s work before you book him or her. That is why you should set up an appointment for a trial. You should bring a photo or a clipping from a magazine that shows the makeup artist the look that you want. You may also want to make an extra copy of the photo or clipping for the artist. It is very important for you to be honest. If you do not like the way that the makeup looks, then do not hesitate to tell the artist.

Book The Artist

If you like the artist’s work, then you should go ahead and book an appointment. The earlier you book, the better. Most makeup artists have contracts that outline all of the details that will be involved.

Your Wedding Day

The makeup artist should have a list of all of the members in the wedding party who will be getting makeup. You also want to make sure that there is an area setup for the makeup artist to do his or her work. There should be enough lighting and table space so that the artist can work. A bar stool will make things a lot easier for the artist. Furthermore, you want to make sure that all of the members of your wedding party have their money or credit cards ready.

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Jessica is a blogger for il Tulipano, a New Jersey wedding venue. When Jessica is not blogging, she acts as a wedding planner, helping couples plan their perfect day.

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5 Reasons Why Boys Have It Better Than Girls

When it comes to being a girl, let me just spell it out for all you fellas: you have it so much better than us. So. Much Better. It sucks being a girl for so many reasons. Girls, you know what I’m saying. Girls are probably out there nodding their heads while boys are just like, “Oh another article about how much boys suck.” I didn’t say you guys suck. I just wish I was one of you because your life is so easy compared to ours. Let’s talk reasons why it really, really sucks to be a girl.

1. We can’t have hair.

Girls, I don’t know about you, but I hate shaving my legs with a passion. I mean, it takes up time, I have to do it all the time, and it’s so unfair that boys don’t have to shave. They don’t have to shave anything. Nothing. We have to tweeze and pluck our eyebrows until they bleed but boys can go around having hairy knuckles. In what world is this fair.

2. We have to have long luxurious hair, or boys think it’s ugly.

I’m sorry, but whenever I cut my hair short, what’s the first thing that happens? A boy comments on it. No, not compliments it. Comments on it. “Oh, what short hair you have…” or “Your hair is really short,” are two I’ve heard time and time again. Boys, let me make this clear: I don’t care if you don’t like my hair. I didn’t cut it for you. Shocker, I know. But it’s easy to maintain and I have thin Grandma hair so even if I did grow it out, you’d hate it then, too. So please, just stop commenting on a girl’s hair unless it’s an actual compliment.

3. We get hit on all the time.

Boys are probably reading this like, “Oh boo-hoo, it must be so hard to be so hot.” I’m sorry. Is that what I said? No. I said we get hit on all the time. I can’t go to the bar with my girlfriends for a drink without some scrub coming up to us, asking to buy us a shot. Yes, it would be nice if that’s all he really wanted to do. But no, he wants to take one of us home. It doesn’t matter who. He just wants one. And these boys wonder why we don’t go home with them when they try this ploy.

4. Boys think PMS is an excuse.

No. No. No. No. No. It the worst thing in the entire world. You know how we don’t know how it feels to get kicked in “that” area? Well, you have no idea the pain we go through during “that” time of the month. So stop saying we are faking. Or we’ll kick you in “that” area.

5. Labels.

So many labels. Slut. Crazy. Gold-digger. The list goes on and on. What do boys get called? Oh, that’s right I’m sorry, you get called a “player” and your friends high-five you. Must be so hard for you to get by in life.

About the author:About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Security, a provider of security systems Austin has. She really does love being a girl, but only because of all the cute clothes she gets to buy.


Wedding Photography For Your Wedding

It is nigh impossible to think of many days that you wish to remember forever than your wedding day. The concept of the wedding, with its rich tradition dating back to the ancient civilizations, the grandeur, all those people, children and gifts are simply amazing. While we don’t have the technology, yet, that allows us to travel back in time to relive those glory days, we do have features like photography that can help us in that direction.

Wedding photos and videos help us capture those moments that we would like to think about, again and again. They are also a great way to spend time with family and friends. There are a lot of times when you will always run into folks who could not be at your wedding, live and in person. Also, the limited seating options in every wedding make it impossible to invite everybody.

There are other situations where wedding photos are the only way one can see what happened. For instance, your future kids will obviously not get to be part of your wedding. When they grow up and are old enough understand photos and videos, they will enjoy watching their father and mother walking down the aisle, receiving gifts and the first dance. This is all so exciting and you will feel good about being able to share these moments with your children, the ultimate fruits of your joyous union.

Get Recommended Photographer

There are some services where opinion of what other people think makes up a huge part of your purchase decision and then are there are some that don’t. For instance, if you are buying a car, you probably will do a lot of your own personal research and make up your own mind about buying the stuff. You will definitely hear about what other people will say, but eventually you want the car to be your decision entirely.

Weddings are, obviously, very personal in nature. They are also events that have a lot of stakeholders and so many people get to have say in what goes and what won’t. Anything connected to a wedding also becomes a group decision, unlike the car purchase event. One such wedding connected feature is the selection of a wedding photographer.

In our opinion, it is always a good idea to get suggestions about wedding photographers from other folks who have walked down the aisle. Only those who have actually hired a wedding photographer and used these services for real, can tell what went good for them and what did not go their way at all. You will find married folks all around you. You will find people who at your workplace, your family members and if you are lucky, the same person who photographed your parents or your future spouse’s parents is probably still in the photography business.

Speak To The Right Folks

When asking for recommendations, talk to those couples who are sort of like you and your spouse. Don’t get advice from friends and relatives who have nothing in common with you. For instance, let’s say that you are more of a traditional, rules abiding kind of a person and you want photography that is modern and yet tied to the rich history of weddings.

If you were to take recommendations from a friend who is an outdoor fanatic with a heavy dose of adventurism, then he will probably refer you to a wedding photographer who might turn your wedding into an action movie. If that is what you want, then do follow up on that reference. Then again, since that is not what you want, it saves you a lot of time to speak to people who do have something in common with you and your future life partner.

This way, you can suggestions that make sense and are in line with your expectations.

Discuss With The Photographer

Once you have your list of photographers you want to talk to, book an appointment and have a deep discussion. If you are dealing with freelance photographers, then find out about that person’s past wedding photography record. Look at some of his past work and see if those pictures match with the ideas and thoughts for your wedding. Also find out about any assistants who might be working with the photographer. If assistants are part of the equation, speak to them too.

Familiarize yourself with everybody who will be involved with this activity. If you are dealing with a photography studio, ensure that the meeting takes place with the actual photographer and not his representative.

The author has a personal interest in photography and that led him to know more wedding photography. He would strongly recommend the photography services of jonathon.co.





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Planning A Stress Free Wedding

How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding

Most people enjoy planning their own wedding because it helps them save money and it gives them more control over the decisions being made. With this being said, it is a better idea to hire an event planner because it is less stressful because the bridge and groom will not have to think about too many things.

Hire an Event Planner

For those planning a wedding, you may already know where you want to have the wedding. For example, you may want to have it at golf club so it may be best to use one of the country club’s event planners.

Selecting an In-House Event Planner

When you hire an event planner, they will usually be responsible for booking the dates, hiring vendors, submitting your menu selections, hiring or scheduling times with a photographer, music, decorations, and flowers. You will of course be responsible for some of the main decisions, but they will take care of organizing it to match your vision.

Hiring an Outside Wedding Planner

You will not have to be attached to the hip of your event planner especially when it comes to booking your venue for the date you want. You may already have a date in mind, and an event planner will know who to talk with when it comes to booking the exact date. Your planner will especially come in handy if you and your almost husband or wife are not readily available to make appointments at potential wedding venues.

An Event Planner Will Help Handle

Menu Selection

The menu is a main aspect that you must decide on. It is important that you attend a taste testing before selecting menu and cake options. An event planner will schedule these meeting on your behalf and once that is done, helps you to select the time to serve everything on the big day.

Selecting a Photographer

Just like with booking the venue you are not required to be a part of the photographer phase of the event planning. If you wish, the planner will choose one for you. You may want to request final approval though because you want wedding pictures to come out as perfectly.

Music & Entertainment

For the music and entertainment part of the planning, your event planner will decide on where the DJ will set up their equipment. If a dance floor is being installed, they will also ensure it is large enough for you, your bridal party, and your guests to dance on.

Table Arrangement & Seating

It is the event planner’s responsibility to figure out how to arrange the tables so that everyone is seated comfortably. They must accommodate for the number of people seated around each table and also, where to seat the bride, groom and bridal party.


Decorations are also an important factor, and they also have to decide how much is too much. You do not want to have too many decorations for your wedding or the reception.

Flower Delivery & Placement

The last thing a wedding planner would be responsible for would be the flowers. They need to order them and decide the amount to order. They also need to make sure that the flowers arrive just in time for your big day. They have to plan it out perfectly because obviously, you are going to want to have fresh flowers on the day of your wedding. A planner would also need to decide on the placement of flowers on the tables and around the reception room.

The whole point in having a wedding at a golf club with an event planner is to relieve most of the stress you would have if you were planning the wedding yourself. While the event planner does most of the work you will still have to pick out tuxedos for the groomsmen, dresses for the bridesmaids, the type of food you want to have and of course, the guest list.

Writer Sarah Smith (follow @acgolfer) offers her take on how to plan a stress free wedding.







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